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Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd.Heavy three-way
Date :2009/10/22 13:59:00 | Browsing: 1618 | Source: Network Department

Central Europe Automotive massive three-way, across the board advance the northeast, north, northwest

Automobile Co., Ltd. Suzhou Central Europe in 2009 changed to a main base in East China as an important marketing sales strategy, suddenly the huge lineup of elite sales, new models, carpet-bombing of amphibious advance advertisements in major city of the North!

Following the establishment of Beijing to establish a branch landing point, the EU carried out a detailed and to the northern markets macro-trial and error and investigations, in the continuation of eastern China on the basis of a successful sales strategy, which combines the characteristics of the north, and formed a town set up sales a comprehensive network of radiation, an important auto show in order to enhance the visibility, access to local characteristics and needs of consumers in order to continuously improve models beyond the competition, partners, and a large area of coverage of brand-building advertising the status of a full range of sales development strategies.

In July 2009, within a month's time would not achieve a continuous Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, attended the auto show, Shenyang Motor Show, Yinchuan three major international auto show auto show, etc., in obtaining a large number of orders at the same time, accumulated a variety of local consumers very local characteristics of the needs and to collate and analyze rapidly after the first time, back in Changshu manufacturing base, an engineer from the manufacturing base in Changshu night, after summing up the new design will be the improvement of the details of the fastest improvements applied to the vehicle manufacturing, the front and the the rear of the joint collaboration, rapid response, so that character is relatively more straightforward, more rugged northern consumers nodded approval unanimous.

Central Europe as a responsible officer, said consumers in the north although the details will be valued, but the south is relatively consumers, they pay more attention to the efficiency and speed of manufacturers, often an auto show to the end, all the exhibitors were all fanatical kind of car owners bought, the emergence of more than one occasion to launch the first day, the buyer will have to mention a whole box of cash-like vehicles to drive away a scene! Such a situation could indeed mixed people, indeed large-scale sales, for the manufacturers is to encounter, but not impossible, but the manufacturing base is relatively far away, and sales network makes the queue of vehicles in short supply orders continue to accumulate!
This is also the EU currently faces a serious problem.

Throughout Central Europe soared in recent years, the sales performance, we can see that China, a vast market for high-end products, demand is continuously rising, how to ensure that such a situation in their long-term lead, and respond to the strong domestic and international competitors are the immediate need to consider the issue Zhengedaidan, from scratch faith must always be clear in the hearts of each of Central Europe exists, the market is often brutal period until after such a successful wave of general strikes! Central Europe were strong response, more confidence in the continuation of the victory!

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